Another Escape - The Magazine Early Years

I have been commissioned to work for Another Escape since its origin. It is a brand created to ultimately act as a showcase and creative platform for young practitioners. For the first issue I was asked to produce an image that demonstrates adventure and/or escape. I have found that the majority of my inspiration comes from the objects around me. The little things in life that may at first appear mundane, can take on new life and meaning when illustrated with intense detail. I feel that it is these little moments in life, often overlooked, which give us a method of escape. As an escape from stress, even if its just for ten minutes, I like to have a cup of tea and a ‘couple’ of biscuits. I believe that most people would be able to relate to this every day, easy way to escape life. An escape doesn’t have to be big. The solution can be in the little things in life. The second Issue was based around the theme of spring. When I designed the illustration it was close to Easter so I created a little Easter message. Then for the magazine it was turned into a postcard.

Another Escape Issue 1
Another Escape Issue 2 
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