This is the story of  Miss Trunchbull’s past.  I have fabricated this from my research into the character and my own imagination.  I believe that no-one is born evil.

Agatha’s parents never wanted children and so when she was born they treated her as an adult. She had to be self reliant. The cameo was the only thing she every kept of her Mothers. It was only ever worn on special occasions.

As she grew up she never learned the things you do as a child, such as how to play nicely with other children, sharing and making friends. So she had a lonely childhood as she never had any friends.
If Agatha’s Father every caught her acting like a child he would use his horse riding crop on her. She grew up understanding that childish behaviour needed to be punished and so she continued to carry the crop around as a reminder. Agatha realised that if childhood was to be diminished the best way to do this was to take action with in the schools. This is why she agreed to became a teacher when her step sister died so she could replace her as headmistress of Hall Primary School.

Agatha became a keen sports woman. Having no friends meant she was brilliant at single player sports where she didn’t need to work as a team.  Some of her favourites were darts and the hammer throw.

Agatha didn’t understand children because she was never allowed to be one. But she always found she had a curiosity of them. Whenever she would confiscate something from a child she would keep them in a secret draw where she would occasionally bring them all out and look at them, trying to understand her fascination with them.

Where ever she would go if she saw a discarded sharp object she would always pick it up to use in the chokey. She believed that children should be kept in a dark, cramped whole in the wall so that they will learn to behave.
Agatha was a very superstitious woman and always wore her lucky rabbits foot under her clothes. She never learned as a child to understand superstitious nonsense.

This is the story of Captain Hook’s past I have fabricated from my research into the character and my own imagination.  I believe that no-one is born evil.

James was the bastard son of a Lord. With his Mother dead at childbirth and his Father too busy to see him he was sent to Eton College.
One day he met a beautiful young woman (name unknown) and it was love at first sight. But the girls parents did not approve the match.

They decided they would elope to Gretna Green to get married in secret. However on the night of the intended elopement James was knocked unconscious by a group of men and press ganged onto a ship. By the time he woke the following day it was too late as they were in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and it would be months before they would return.

The young woman waited all night for James but when he never showed she searched for him. Realising she would never see him again she tried to return to her family. However in their eyes she had shamed them and they disinherited her. Being both abandoned by her family and her lover the only place she had to turn was the work house.  Distraught from the loss of her lover and her family a depression took hold of her and she killed her self with poison.

The only way James could think of returning to  England was to start a mutiny with the help of the other press ganged crew. After their victory James was made captain of the ship.
When James returned to England to find his beloved had killed her self he decided there was nothing else keeping him in England. So with his new skills in sailing and a willing crew they turned to a life of piracy.

They travelled the world terrorising the seas.  James would keep some of the jewellery they plundered. Pieces he felt his love would have deserved.  Now that he was rich he could have given her everything she could have ever wanted.

Whenever they landed ashore James would always collect a shell from the beach as a token for his beloved who could not join him in his adventures.

During a particular heavy storm their ship was caught in the reefs of a small island. Neverland. Stranded they made it their home. Part of the magic of Neverland is that you slowly forget where you came from. Even though years later he couldn’t remember his lost love he never got rid of her locket and occasionally James would still collect shells for her even though he did not remember why.

On his first encounter with Peter Pan. Peter chopped of James’s hand in a fight and fed it to the crocodile for a lark. Not knowing that the crocodile would enjoy the taste so much he would be forever searching for another bite.

As a precaution hook then made the crocodile swallow a pocket watch so that he would hear the ticking of the beast as a warning. However this meant that any clocks on the ship were broken so that hook knew when the crocodile was approaching.  His lost love’s death  haunted him always. Even though he did not remember her he always felt a sense of loneliness. This combined with being stranded on a island far from anywhere, the loss of his hand, continuous torment from a group of unruly children and  the incessant worry of a crocodile that was hungry for more. It’s not hard to see why Captain Hook went a bit crazy.
This is the story of The Child Catcher’s  past.  I have fabricated this from my research into the character and my own imagination.  I believe that no-one is born evil.

This man once had a sister. The poor girl was born deformed. But two siblings couldn’t have loved each other more. Her shrivelled arm did not stop her from playing with her toys and games with her brother. She was a happy child who never let her deformity get in the way of having fun.
However the other village children did not understand her deformity and saw her as a monster.  They would call her names and throw rocks at her. One day they were chasing her in the streets when she ran right into the path of a runaway horse.

The girl died instantly from her injuries and the young boy was left alone. He developed a hatred for children because of their ignorance and bullying.

When she was alive there was nothing her and her brother enjoyed more than catching butterflies and then letting them  go at the end of the day. However when she died when ever the young boy would catch these pretty innocent creatures he would pin them to a board as part of his collection.

When the young lad grew up he found out that the baroness hated children as much as he and so he decided to join their army.

When the Baroness discovered his hatred for children he was hired to capture all the children in the city. The young man saw this as an opportunity of revenge for his sisters death. He thought children to be as dumb as animals and treated them as such by putting them in cages. Just as you would entice an animal with food the child catcher would use a range of sweets, candies and delicious desserts to capture the children.
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