Louise Logsdon

Freelance Illustrator
Hello, I am an organically grown illustrator from a farm in Somerset. I am inspired by my surroundings and enjoy responding directly to objects & experiences from it. My desire is to bring the everyday to life through art, encouraging others to appreciate those little things we sometimes take for granted.

Work Experience

August 2020 - February 2021
This Dr Who piece was commissioned by Tamsin Hartnell as a header for her blog, 'The Ultimate Guide to the Fashion of Dr Who'. It was to commemorate 4 years of Dr Who fashion blogging. 
The collection shows the Doctor’s various iconic looks regenerating into each other until we are finally up to date with the 13th Doctor’s look. As you can see the costumes get brighter as they progress through time, just as TV has done over the years.

Exhibition at Yeovil Innovation Centre (Andrew Sutton & Richard Godden)
July-September 2019
My Beatrix Potter Prints are now up on display at the Yeovil Innovation Centre for the next 2 months. We took our Daughter Daisy along to see them & she loved the bright colours. 
These illustrations were originally commissioned in 2017/18 for a private collection.
They are my interpretations on a selection of Beatrix Potters Classics. Portraying the magic of each character and their story through the different elements in it’s composition, while illustrated in my own unique style.

Marbella Club Hotel, Ernest Journal & Smoke Creatives partnership. 
April - June 2019
Tina Smith Hobson  (who I have worked many times before) contacted me about the job for Marbella Club Hotel in Spain. They were putting together their first hotel magazine & wanted some illustrations to go with some recipes they had. The commission was vibrant & during those few months I craved oranges because I was drawing them so much!
Ann Starr, Publisher for Upper Hand Press (Ohio) 
Children's Book Illustrator
October 2018 - July 2019
3 weeks before my daughter was due I received an email from Ann Starr, Publisher for Upper Hand Press based in Ohio. She was interested in branching out into children's books & had a wonderful story called 'Sam' she wanted me to illustrate. The story is about a little girl who moves to Iowa & is narrated by Sam's elderly neighbour who tells us about his brief time living next to Sam & the grandfather/granddaughter relationship they form. 
After a couple of months to get the hang of Motherhood I started work on the drafts for the interior illustrations & the cover. By July the book was around 3/4 of the way there when unfortunately it was decided there was not enough funding to continue with the book. 
It was very unfortunate that this commission had to end this way as I was very excited to have my first children's book published. However I have been left with some beautiful children's book illustrations & some valuable experience in the world of publishing. 

Cloudberry Records (New York)- Okama Flannel Boy (Mexico City)
October 2017 - January 2018
At the end of last year I was contacted by Cloudberry Records in New York. They commissioned me to illustrate the 7" vinyl cover for a band called Okama Flannel Boy, who are based in the south of Mexico City. Fernando Torres has been writing and recording jangly guitar driven songs inspired in 60’s bubblegum pop, soul and “the sound of young Scotland” since the beginning of 2017.
They had seen my previous biscuit illustrations from another project & felt that this style would work well for their cover. Biscuits also made their way inside the cover onto the vinyl labels. 
September 2019- October 2019
Issue 9 of Ernest Journal & A special edition issue gave me different subjects to illustrate that included 3 small illustrations for a piece on fly fishing, a full page illustration on equipment for star gazing & a recipe for a gin cocktail. 
August 2017 - September 2017
Issue 7 of Ernest Journal gave me another opportunity to produce some delicious food illustrations to compliment some wonderful recipes. This commission included 5 illustrations for George Egg's article on how to do so with a variety of tools and ingredients. Alongside 1 illustration for Jake & Annie's article for a recipe for venison jerky.
November 2016-January 2017
Issue 6 of Ernest Journal & another delicious beverage related article. This time about a Vanished Burton Ale, the story of which has been written by Joly Braime, who also includes a recipe in which to brew your own. I produced 3 illustrations, 1 full colour & 2 black & White. 
March-April 2015 
In issue 3 I was commissioned to illustrate a bottle of the sweet, fizzy wine called Mateus Rosé partnered with a pink crystal glass . 
June - July 2014
For their second issue I was commissioned this time for four illustrations. Three accompanying an article on the history of the mahogany brown beer called porter. The last partnered the story and superstitions of hag stones.
May  – June 2014
After working with Tina Smith and Jo Keeling on Pretty Nostalgic Magazine, I was then commissioned to produce a variety of fork illustrations from throughout the ages, for the first issue of their new venture, Ernest Journal. 
Tina Smith, Dan Linstead -Immediate Media
May 2016
I have worked with Tina Smith on a handful of projects now, including Pretty Nostalgic Magazine & Ernest Journal. 
This time I was working with Tina & Dan on a new magazine by Immediate Media. The topic was posh picnics & I was commission to illustrate 6 culinary pieces.  

Kate Mcstraw - Museum of Memory
May 2016
The curator of 'Museum of memory', Kate McStraw, commissioned me to put together a selection of railway related illustrations for promotion and props, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Somerset and Dorset railway line closure.

Children's book illustrator
Since December 2013 
'Molly in Limbo' is a book I worked on with author Andrew Sutton. It's an imaginative, thought provoking story full of adventure, friendship and many twists and turns along the way. It's aimed at a young teenage audience but will hopefully appeal to an older audience as well. We also intend to collaborate on more short stories and poems in the future.
Oct 2013 – Dec 2013
The writers in residence at the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow, commissioned me to provide them with illustrations for their anthology. The anthology is made up of a series of short stories inspired by the exhibitions in the Hunterian Museum. I produced 3 illustrations for the inside. The Samurai Suit, The Maori and a Miscellaneous page showing a selection of objects all from the museum. Then experimented with a couple of designs for the front and back cover.

Jun 2013
Commissioned by Pretty Nostalgic Magazine to produce 8 swimsuit illustrations, a background and title page for a 3 page spread on the swimsuit evolution for their 8th issue.

Illustrator, contributor
Nov 2011 – 2013
I was commissioned by Another escape magazine with illustrations since it first started in 2011. In its development years my first couple of contributions were based around the theme of the issue. However since its launch, I was commissioned to illustrate for an article on an up and coming chef in the 1st volume and in the 2nd issue I created a detailed botanical drawing of a coffee plant.

Jul 2012 – Aug 2012
I worked closely with their web editor to provide Crumbs Magazine with a handful of illustrations to be partnered with articles on their online journal.

Jul 2012
My BA Hons Illustration Graduate exhibition was held at Free Range, Old Truman Brewery in London. We collaborated with fine art and photography to produce our Graduate show which exhibited over the period of 4 days. This event allowed me the opportunity to design a space, work on promotion, presenting my work in new surroundings and collaborate with an amalgamation of art approaches.

Porth Farm Cottages
Summer Art Teacher
2010 – 2011
In the summers of 2010 and 2011 I enjoyed the job of teaching art classes for children aged between 3 & 12 at a holiday resort in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall.I was given the opportunity to set my own lessons, which varied from clay sculpture to narrative illustration.


Year 0 Foundation Illustration
Illustration BA Hons


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